The Question in your Mind: Why Remote Work…?

The Question in your Mind: Why Remote Work…?

During today’s time all world countries suffering from Corona Virus Disease19 (Covid19).

So Many Popular Countries take a step for safety for all community and declare work from home.

Furthermore, our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also has taken a unique decision like prevention is better than cure which converted into lockdown because of covid19.

You must keep a social distance and save it the people and the whole community from it as soon as possible and succeed in a breakout from this virus chain.

We all saw how the virus has to spread and circulated all over the world by gathering and working in the same places or all places where people meet and touch.

As per lockdown decision, we hope that all people will strictly follow rules and regulations of government so we have changed our work policy and give permission to all employees to do work from home.

Remote Work is one type of work arrangement, in this system an employee is not travelling or going to another place of work, such as an office, store or any workplace but in other simple words any employee can work from home and these allow us to work together without being in the same room.

In my point of view, the government has taken steps for all of us because of protection and they keep all of us healthy so all have a duty to support them and follow government instructions.

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