Website Redesigning: How to Know It’s Time To Redesign Your Website

Website Redesigning: How to Know It’s Time To Redesign Your Website

Do You Know the Website Speaks for Itself?

Yes, this is true.

Website design and development is a state of the art. Although it looks to create a digital brochure. To promote your services and products at first glance, it is much more than that.

Initially, when limited frameworks used for designing apps, single-page website development considered an impossible task. 

But with the introduction of frameworks like Vue.js, React, and AngularJS, this task has not only become possible. But it is relatively easier to learn and implement too.

Make different kinds of design changes on the website; there are two options: either you go for brand new website design or opt for redesigning the existing website.

Defining the Redesigning of the Website:

we can say that it is a method to make all the necessary modifications in the already developed website. And also introducing the latest trends and technologies in it.

This concept differs from building a brand new website, as you need to introduce the latest designs. Also discard the older one, without changing any features and functionalities.

Also, it takes less time to redesign a website, as compared to developing it as a brand new one.

Importance of Redesigning a Website From a Business Point of View:

People nowadays have the least interest in clicking on multiple tabs and waiting for the page to redirect, and then the page is loaded

All they want is a website, with all the necessary information, a minimum number of clicks, and minimum redirects to other pages.

Hence, the concept of single-page web apps came into the picture. This type of modification does not affect the features and functionalities of the website. Still, it indeed requires improvement in the website’s design part using the latest trends and technologies.

It was just an example of why we need to redesign a website. Let us have a brief on the importance for the same:

Creating Better UI/UX

  • Redesigning a website helps in creating better UI/UX parts for your older website, giving it a brand new look. Take any business website you consider successful; you will find that it has the most attractive look and feel and the dynamic user interaction. Hence, for any website to leave an impression on its user, an engaging and vibrant look and feel is mandatory.

Navigation bar

  • As discussed above, people are least interested in what included in the navigation bar and where it takes them. All they are interested in how the information they are searching for is visible to them. For example, if a person is looking for an e-brochure for a business, and if he has to navigate several tabs simultaneously, it might create a wrong impression. Instead of that, if the brochures download link is available in the popup menu displayed as soon as the website is loaded, they might get impressed!

Latest framework

  • The more, the older design, the more the website is likely to load as the components used a long time ago with older technologies are much more massive than those used in the latest framework. Hence, even if your website does not have high-end graphics and videos, it will take much time to load. The only solution to decrease the load time of the website is to redesign it using the latest frameworks offering the lighter components.

Newest version

  • It might also happen that the website built with excellent UI/UX, but it does not get compatible with the latest browser or the newest version of it. It might also lead to missing information as some of the pages might not load due to these compatibility issues. Hence, you need to redesign your website to become compatible with all the latest browsers and their versions.


  • An increase in the usage of cell phones with internet connectivity has reduced web surfing through laptops and personal computers. Smartphones cover all surfing. The matter of fact is that the older versions of the websites do not support the responsiveness when opened in the cell phones. It might lead to a tremendous loss of information as the older version of websites may not fit in the screen’s width.

Update the content

  • Update the content of your website to let your customers know about your business. Using the same old context to describe your business can lead to a misconception of no more business updates on the customer’s mind. So these were some of the reasons why you should think once for redesigning your website. Now let us discuss when to consider redesigning your business website.

9. Build a Better Brand Image

Social Media is a great way to create and maintain your brand image. This can be done through text, images, or video, and is a great way to show your customers who you are as a brand. Social platforms give brands a voice and an opportunity to offer customers a more personal experience. Share more than just your products by sharing who you are and your brand ethics. In addition to the content you create, you can also build a better brand image by sharing customer reviews. When people give you feedback, share it. This spreads the message that your product is effective enough to generate positive feedback.

10. Increase Engagement

In addition to interacting with consumers online, social media can also stimulate conversations and enable word-of-mouth as well as consumer-to-consumer conversations online. By interacting with your customers and allowing them to interact with each other, you can build better relationships with your consumers and make them seem more welcoming.

Social Media is considered to be the future of advertising…are you on board with it? If you would like to learn more about how to incorporate social media marketing into your strategy, talk to the Techie Pixel team Today.

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