The Best Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website.

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In this post, we’re going to expose you a way to get extra site visitors on your weblog in 2023. So, if you are searching out confirmed techniques you could use to power site visitors on your site, you have come to the proper place.

1. Publish Long-Form Blog Posts
2. Write About Trending Topics
3. Use Long Blog Post Headlines
4. Comment on Related Blogs
5. Repurpose Content for Different Platforms
6. Promote New Content in Email Newsletters
7. Guest Blog on Legit Blogs in Your Niche
8. Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO
9. Launch a YouTube Channel
10. Create Learning Hubs
11. Write Twitter Threads
12. Internal Link Between Posts
13. Improve Your Blog’s Design
14. Promote Your Blog Posts on Reddit and Quora
15. Use Prominent Sharing Buttons

1. Publish Long-Form Blog Posts

Long weblog posts were given 56% extra social media stocks in comparison to content material that turned into much less than 1,000 phrases. Focusing on long-shape content material is one of the fundamental motives that weblog’s site visitors grew so quickly. Most of competition had been setting out skinny posts like: “five Ways to Get More Twitter Followers”. Instead, Techie Pixel targeted on SUPER in-intensity listing posts and final guides.

2. Write About Trending Topics

Topics which are simply beginning to blow up are not competitive.
That approach you could be one of the first to cowl that topic. And your content material will right away stand out.

You can locate trending subjects the usage of Google Trends.
Or a free content material advertising device referred to as Exploding Topics.

3. Use Long Blog Post Headlines

Remember that huge content material has a take a observe that we noted earlier?
Well, in that equal have a take a observe we found that headlines that had been among 14 and 17 phrases were given the best range of social stocks.

There’s no want to artificially inflate your headline with pointless phrases.
Instead, you need to study this locating as permission to jot down longer headlines if it makes feel on your content material.

4. Comment on Related Blogs

When we first began out our site, we had:

1. Zero followers
2. Zero site visitors
3. Zero e mail listing

And one in all our first early wins turned into to touch upon different blogs in our space. whilst your weblog is new, each traveler counts.
The key to this method is to make certain your remark definitely provides something of fee to the post. People that study the remarks will see which you recognize your stuff. Which will cause them to need to click on over on your site.

5. Repurpose Content for Different Platforms

When maximum humans try and get extra visitors to their weblog, they cognizance on one thing:
Publishing MORE content material.
Sure, there may be an area for pumping out content material.
But you can now no longer understand which you use your present content material to get extra weblog visitors.

Here`s how:

First, locate a chunk of content material it is already achieved well.

“Performed well” can suggest a publish that:
• Got a variety of stocks on Facebook
• Had excessive degrees of engagement (like weblog comments)
• Ranked fairly in Google
• Drove plenty of referral visitors
• Got a share from a big-call blogger to your niche
Either way, you need to cognizance first in your top-acting weblog posts.
That way, you recognize that the subject and content material resonate with humans.

6. Promote New Content in Email Newsletters

You likely already share your ultra-modern content material on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
Sure, there may be not anything incorrect with selling your content material on social media.
But in our experience, selling new posts in an e-mail publication is MUCH extra powerful than sharing on social media.

7. Guest Blog on Legit Blogs in Your Niche

Is visitor posting going to magically 10x your weblog’s visitors?
Probably now no longer.
In fact, information from one enterprise examines observed that the common visitor publish brings in approximately 50 general traffic.
And in case you consider the quantity of attempt that is going into ONE visitor publish, 50 traffic do not sound like a splendid payoff.
That said, visitor posting does have an area. Especially in case you’re simply beginning out.
The secret’s to cognizance on SUPER applicable sites.
That way, your visitor posts will force focused visitors for your weblog.

8. Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO

Most weblog posts have a visitor’s sample that appears something like unexpected spike the day the publish comes out. Then it forms of flatlines. And finally drops to almost zero.
But posts which can be optimized for seek engines (like Google) have a totally specific sample. The publish has a spike even after 20 days or month. But visitors would not drop into an abyss. Instead, it remains pretty constant over time.

This is why it is vital to optimize each publish which you post round a particular keyword.
If your weblog is new, Techie Pixel suggest that specialize in lengthy tail key phrases.
These key phrases do not get looked for that much. But they are additionally now no longer that aggressive to rank for.

Answer The Public is a splendid tool for locating lengthy tail phrases to goal. That’s due to the fact the device generates questions that humans ask approximately the subject which you need to cowl to you publish.

(If you need an extra conventional key-word device, you may additionally use the Google Keyword Planner.) And as your weblog’s area authority begins to develop, you may begin to goal extra aggressive seek phrases.

9. Launch a YouTube Channel

According to SimilarWeb, YouTube is the 2d maximum famous internet site at the planet.
We have individually used YouTube to develop our weblog’s visitors.
If you are interested by beginning your personal YouTube channel (or developing the only you already have) Techie Pixel suggest sorting out this quick video: How to Start (And Grow) a YouTube Channel – YouTube

10. Create Learning Hubs

Learning is probably paging that hyperlink to a group online associated content beneath neath in replica website online.
(And occasionally incorporates hyperlinks to content material on different websites too.)

First, discover a subject matter in your hub. Specifically, a subject that your target market is hungry to examine greater approximately.
In our case, we went with “getting to know search engine optimization” due to the fact essentially every person that follows us desires to discover ways to optimize their web website online for Google.

Next, snatch a listing of your satisfactory content material on that subject.
In our case, we actually went via our weblog feed. And picked posts that we concept could assist humans of their adventure to examine search engine optimization.
You can comply with the equal system on different blogs to your niche. For example, we protected content material from different websites in our niche, like Semrush. Finally, prepare the content material which you discover into sections. Because our getting to know hub changed into approximately search engine optimization, we divided it up into sections like: technical search engine optimization and key-word research.

11. Write Twitter Threads

It`s no mystery that Twitter is a VERY crowded place.
But there is an extraordinarily easy manner to face out:
Twitter threads.

You’ve probable visible Twitter threads before. They’re essentially a group of tweets strung together.
First, provide you with a subject that humans are already speaking approximately on Twitter. You probably have already got some of those in thoughts in case you comply with humans to your niche.
If now no longer, you may look for your subject matter on Twitter. And see what comes up.
Then, create a 15-20 tweet thread round that subject matter.

Twitter makes this step quite easy. You simply want to write down a tweet. Then hit the little “plus” button to feature some other tweet to the thread.

You can write the tweets from scratch. Or repurpose content material out of your weblog posts.
Either manner works.

The maximum crucial factor is which you need to make certain that your content material is formatted for Twitter.

In different words, you do not need to duplicate and paste paragraphs into your tweets.
Instead, you need to exchange up the formatting, so it is designed for smooth skimming on Twitter.

Pro Tip: Add a name to motion to your very last Twitter thread tweet. That manner, you deliver humans something to do on the quilt of your thread. The CTA may be to comply with you on Twitter. Or sign on in your e mail listing.

12. Internal Link Between Posts

Yes, inner hyperlinks are first-rate for search engine optimization.
That’s due to the fact internally linking sends hyperlink authority to key pages in your web website online.

But that is now no longer the handiest cause to internally hyperlink among posts.
Internal hyperlinks additionally assist your readers discover your older content material that is buried to your web website online weblog feed.

13. Improve Your Blog's Design

Your weblog’s layout could make or destroy your weblog’s success.
People will decide your content material primarily based totally in large part on its layout.

This is why these days Techie Pixel make investments a big chew of our advertising finances on content material layout. Which consists of custom-constructed last guides:

14. Promote Your Blog Posts on Reddit and Quora

Quora, Reddit and different online groups have the capability to ship a first-rate chew of visitors on your weblog.

If your technique them the proper manner.

Most groups are (understandably) weary of self-promotion. So, you want to form of fly beneath neath the radar.

Here’s how:

First, discover a query that a person is looking in that community. A query that you may without difficulty solution.

Then, write a custom solution that does not even point out your weblog.

Finally, consist of a hyperlink to a put up as a manner to “examine greater”. That manner, you are now no longer pushing your put up in humans’ faces. Instead, you are leaving a useful hyperlink for everybody that desires to dive deeper into the subject.

15. Use Prominent Sharing Buttons

Sharing Buttons makes humans much more likely to share.

This makes experience in case you reflect on consideration on it:
There are masses of content material that we read. And enjoy. But do not share due to the fact it is an excessive amount of effort.

We must replica the URL. Figure out the social community that makes the maximum experience. Then, share the content material.

But with a social sharing button, all we want to do is click on the button.

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