How to Make a Fitness App From Scratch in 2023? [Ultimate Guide]

How to Make a Fitness App From Scratch in 2023? [Ultimate Guide]

People are getting more conscious about their health and fitness day by day due to the evolution of viral diseases. For surviving through these, people need to boost their immunity and hence undergo a routine session of workout, exercise, diet, etc. Tracking the amount of workout, exercise, calories burnt, etc., is what most people are concerned with. Hence, to get through with these numbers, they need to create a fitness app that helps them in this task.

Also, finding a personal fitness coach in this scenario is quite tricky. Even if you get someone, you fail to coordinate with them due to the curfew in the surroundings. All you can do is stay in touch with your fitness coach via chat, video call, etc. Hence, the best solution possible in this scenario is to create your own workout plan app and enjoy the uninterrupted sessions!

Hence, an idea to create your own fitness app, which not only tracks the number of calories burnt, rate of heartbeats, etc. but also guides you on which exercises to be done or which diet plan you need to follow, completely based on the inputs and the survey answers submitted by you sounds great. Isn’t it?

Fitness app market to reach USD 14.64 Billion by 2027. It might be surprising to know that there is a massive demand among fitness freaks to create a fitness app. The market for fitness app development has been continuously increasing since 2015, with the launch of various smartwatches. It hence is now high on demand among android as well as iOS users. For the developers willing to make a fitness app, the basic knowledge of android and iOS programs will do the job. 

Hence, the app development companies nowadays have come up with fitness app development services, which has helped them generate significant revenue annually, with more users engaging in the app and subscribing more to get the diet and exercise plans. Hence, no need to rush over finding personal coaches from one fitness centre to the other, where you can make your own fitness app. Simple contact the app development company, which provides you with the best services at a reasonable fitness app development cost.

Not only for the app development companies, if you want to start up a business in app development, but you can also find the niche to make a fitness app more effective and easier to implement. If not whole, you can develop a number of apps providing varying services like create your own fitness challenge app- to create a benchmark of a number like calories burnt, weight loss, etc., to create your own workout plan that tracks the schedule and duration of your workout, etc.

Hence, these parts and parcels of a fitness app will help you in effective whole fitness app development. The chart below shows revenue from wearables in US dollars. And since then the wearable business has continued to grow. Statistics show that revenue from wearable app products in the United States from 2014 to 2019. In 2014, revenue from wearable app devices in the United States was US $ 2.2 billion.

In this blog, we will see how one can build a fitness app that can be highly accepted by its users and the revenue model. Let’s have a look!

What it takes to build a fitness app:

1. Take a market survey:

Before making your own fitness app, the first thing a developer or a company needs to have a market survey, like what the users expect from the app, what they get from an existing app, the success ratio, and so on. It might be possible that you would like to create your own fitness challenge app or create your own workout plan app, etc., at an affordable fitness app development cost. Hence, before starting to make a fitness app, you should survey these factors too.

A study carried out in 2019 has predicted that the trend to create a fitness app, even if you are planning to create your own workout app, or create your own fitness challenge app, will generate a revenue of approximately 15 billion USD by the end of the year 2026.

Due to the increase in the severity of viral infections, the revenue generated by the companies who were involved in a process to build a fitness app was approximately 18,000 million USD in the year 2020 itself. These results show that the companies opting for the fitness app development services will take off with the achievements in the business goals. This scenario has proven to be a win-win for both users and companies, as the fitness app development cost is affordable for the users and profitable for the companies too!

2. Choose what type of fitness app you want to create:

There are several options available for developing a fitness app. But at an initial phase of development, it is recommended to create the parts and parcels of the app, as mentioned earlier, such as the nutrition tracker, workout scheduler, etc.

These apps can be helpful for a whole fitness app development procedure, which includes all the types of tracking options. Moreover, there are certain types of applications available in the market, which do not have everything a high-end fitness app should have and yet are successful. What we suggest is, build your own workout app first and then go for full app development.

Let us have a look at some examples:

Nutrition and diet:

These types of applications usually function on the users’ eating habits, as per the input from the user. User can enter the food and its amount of intake in the application, and in turn, the application can return the amount of calorie intake to the user. Along with this, one can also track the amount of water intake in the body.

Some of the examples of fitness apps with this functionality are Waterlogged, MyFitnessPal, Lose it, etc.

Track your activities app:

The user needs to choose some of the exercises and activities to be included in his daily habits, etc., in the application. In turn, the application will track the same on a regular basis. Depending on the user’s activity, be it cycling, running, swimming, etc., the application will help the user track the specific activities. The number of steps walked in a day, the number of kilometres walked or cycled in the workout session, and calories burned accordingly, etc., can be tracked using these apps.

Some examples for this type of application are Nike run club, Strava, RunKeeper, etc.

Apps to track the workout sessions:

If you want a personal monitor who can track your workout sessions, then this type of fitness app is perfect for you. This app will provide you with a workout plan, according to your preference, like a workout for muscle gain, weight loss, etc.

Also, the users can choose which part of their body they want to work upon, like lower back, full-body, core strength, etc. Hence, the option to create your own workout plan app fits perfectly here.

Some of the applications available for this type of fitness app are Tone it up, Sworkit, Freeletics, etc.

Hence, creating your own workout app can also prove to be profitable in the market competition once there is high adaptability of the apps among the users.

3. Let us define what will be included in the app:

If we create a list of features to be included in a fitness app, the list will never end. Hence, to create your own fitness app, you need to define what you want in the app before proceeding towards its development.

Let us look at what must-have features to be taken care of while the fitness app development process. These are:

Log in and sign up feature:

The most important feature to make your own fitness app is the user login and signup. Users can create a personal account on the application and use these credentials for further login and accessing the app. The users can also link their Google accounts, social media accounts, etc., with the application for easy login and connect their app with the same.

User dashboard and profile:

Another essential feature to consider while you make your own fitness app is the profile. Having a unique dashboard for the user can enable the user to accumulate specific information, like age, gender, height, weight, fitness goals, etc. This will help the user create their profile and regularly check on the status of achieving their goal.

Connectivity with external devices:

The best feature you can add to build your own workout app is that it is compatible with wearable devices like smartwatches, etc. This enables the users to have a broader view of the tracking numbers, and the storage of data is possible on the same. The valuable information like the number of calories burnt, rate of heartbeat, exercises performed, their intensity, duration, etc., can be stored effectively.

Tracking of user activities:

This functionality added while you create your own workout app will enable the user to get accurate results, as per the needs and requirements entered by him. This feature lets the user track its progress of the journey of workout and lets him know the status of the goal to be achieved.

Tracking the location:

Once you create your own fitness app, if you want to update it, this must include the feature. The user can create routes for their walking, running or cycling workout and can also track the whole journey in an image and the number of kilometres travelled, duration, number of halts, etc.

Setting reminders and notifications:

Another good feature to keep in mind while you build your own workout app! The users can set reminders for their workout schedules, notifications for any missed workout session, the track records for the workout, etc. using this feature in their own fitness app.

Setting the goals:

While you make your own workout app, this feature is connected to the reminders feature discussed above. Users can set daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly goals to maintain their fitness, which can be tracked by the application.

Tutorials for workouts:

This is something you can ignore in the first phase to create your own fitness app. Here, one can see the video tutorials that can be accommodated in the fitness app to take the guidance to prevent their workout from going wrong. For this, the developer can set the subscription options for the users to access the video content.

Rewards and Appreciations:

When you make your own workout app with some strongly defined goals, this will be the best feature to include. You can set the rewards for accomplishing the goals on time, like cashback on their subscription, bonus rewards, coupons, etc., to motivate the users to accomplish their goals on time and have a positive mindset.

Integration of social media:

When you are creating your own fitness app and a social media person, you can share their progress of workout with their friends on social media using this feature.

Hence, the features mentioned above are some of the basics as well as good to have features for a successful fitness app development. There are many other features to be considered to make your own workout app, like separate dashboards for tutors and users, video call or voice call with the tutors, chat options, etc. Still, for an MVP, most fitness app development companies choose to build the apps using the basic functionalities, and after the success of the MVP, update the app with its latest features.

4. Let us see how we can monetize our fitness app:

Most of the businesses focus on what would be the gain once we create a fitness app. Being a start-up, before starting with the app development process, one should be clear how the app will help the company generate its revenue. So in this section, let us discuss the possible business models that can generate profits once you build your own fitness app. These are as follows:

Payable apps:

At the initial phase of the launch, you can provide a free trial for the customers, for example, one week, one month, etc. Once the user will get used to it and start liking the features of your app, he will surely purchase it once the trial period is over. By this, you can generate profit by charging the customers to use your app.

In-app Purchase of loyalties:

You might have seen these kinds of prompts and notifications in certain games and similar applications. You have to make a payment if you want to use the advance feature, a level up to what is offered to you. Though the app you have installed is free, you pay more if you want more out of it.

You can charge your customers for the subscription of diet plans, workout plans and so on, and based on their subscription, provide services to them.

Advertisements in the app:

Sponsor other applications’ ads in your application, as this has proven to be the best marketing strategy for an app that has to be advertised, as well as the app that is advertising. The advertising app shall generate revenue from these sponsored ads, and the advertised app will gain more users. WIN-WIN!

A Few Things to Summarize:

Concluding our discussion here, there are specific points every developer should keep in mind before proceeding to create their own fitness app. These are:

  • To attract more users, the best features are to be included
  • Tips, tactics and methods of the workouts offered should be flexible enough so that users can easily adapt to them.
  • For effective results and quick success, connect your fitness app with the wearables smartwatch.

We got you covered in all your fitness mobile app development needs. As a top fitness app development company, we know what to do to overcome the challenges: to make everything useful for users and unique to this specific market. If you would like to get a free consultation on creating a great fitness app, send us a message via the contact form.

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