How To Build An App Like Uber: Cost, Features, And Further Discussion

How To Build An App Like Uber: Cost, Features, And Further Discussion

It depends on the situation of a different region, you are living in a rural area then you can be purchasing your separate car because of the parking facility and this sentence does not match for the metropolitan area.

Nowadays, people are facing the problem of parking in a cosmopolitan city because everybody has their personal vehicle to excluding a few people.

At this time, if people want to hire a personal Car, then we should think about it and launch a business like Uber, Which is very popular.

On an initial base, the owner of Uber has launched its first in a local area, and then it has run it into worldwide.

And really, Uber type app development appears to be a logical change not just for business people but shipping companies as well. The market of the trip -sharing apps has never been so extensive while in current times. The latest apps continue occurring up, warmed by Uber, and it’s a tremendous success in the want to take a piece of a pie.

The businesses that gained universal credit are forever going to be a role model for the people who execute their first moves to success.

So if you need to build an app like Uber, you should know the company approaches, technology, and business processes. For this, I recommend you to read our blog and discuss your idea with our expert.

Portfolio to Understand Regarding Uber-Like App Development

Before we turn our attention to the topic, I want to emphasize the expansion of Uber. It has provided service in 84 countries and 800 cities with 24 hours on-demand support between driver, which has been operating by the android and ios app development. There is no need to take tension regarding arrive car on time at the location because both parties are aware of each other area by getting the help of uber app-map mode.

UBER has got huge success with smooth app interaction, creative market companion, and rare case of complaint report.

There is a variety of different levels of Uber service and assistance:

  • Uber X – the most cost-efficient choice.
  • Uber BLACK – classy Uber with stylish cars.
  • Uber SUV – when the size concerns.
  • Uber LUX – the best service needs no words.

As you see, this is a large company of a universal range which, moreover, has shared its core service — ridesharing — into various smaller parts to meet different customer wants

The secret of this popular car-hailing service is covered, but let’s work to lift a little bit from it.

Let us keep some concentrate on uber work.

If you want to start a business like uber, you should know the step before starting your customer base app.

Step #1 Request = The customer demands a car directly or on catch via the app. Those demands can meet into reality by drivers nearby.

Step #2 Matching = The driver may either catch or decline the ride. If the driver declines to accept it, The request is forward to another driver.

Step #3 Ride = Taxi approach and what is the arrival time of arriving which can see through the app

Step #4 Payment = The cashless method of payment and the previously estimated cost simplify this process for both parties

Step #5 Rating =It is a thinkable part of Uber’s business philosophy that improves the authenticity of the service.

Thinks Regarding Your Want Before Making an App Like Uber.

You need two types of apps if you are trying to make an app like uber.The new platform consists of the Driver App created for drivers partnering with the company, and the Passenger App means for regular clients who schedule their journeys. Apart from that, the platform should also begin with an admin panel that’s able to operate and observing the platform’s activity.

If we are going to be an app for travellers then let’s be aware of its ultra-modern future and use it while creating an app.

Features to make an app like uber for customers:

  • Geo-location and routing.
  • Payment integration.
  • Booking and private data management.
  • Phone or text the driver right from the app.
  • Push notifications.
  • Ride cost calculation.
  • Top-notch UI and UX layout.

Upper-level features:

  • Registering a ride in advance.
  • Scheduling a ride for others.
  • Dividing a fare with companions.

Soon, let’s take a look at the fundamental and exceptional features which you can make in the app for drivers.

Essential characteristics to create an Uber app for drivers:

  • Driver records.
  • Advanced route optimization.
  • Individual profile editing.
  • ‘Active / Inactive’ choice (active drivers are noticeable on the map, inactive aren’t).
  • Calling to a passenger from the app.
  • Creating daily / monthly reports of past bookings and profits.

Upper-level features:

  • Driver destinations.
  • Free removal within a set period.
  • Heat maps.

The admin panel is the ultimate but not the smallest thing you should study. Admin panels are typically web-based and require individual works on the part of your web development service vendor. It should give you a helpful summary of industrial processes as well as provide capabilities of administering payrolls and gathering user data.

Depending on the goals, your profit model can differ from Uber’s one. This ridesharing stage does not own a line of cars and gets its profit serving as a mediator by bringing drivers and passengers collectively.

There are a few revenue models you can think of if you intend to build an Uber app clone or its equivalent:

  • Requiring fees from drivers
  • Requiring fees from passengers

How to make an app like Uber: Charge and Development Including

How much does it cost to build an app like Uber? In general, it depends on the features you are conforming to choose your app up with and the uniqueness you will draw to this functionality.

In this part, I am going to lead you through the development time of essential and excellent features for the passenger app.

At the end of the passage, you can see the estimated cost of making an app like Uber and the partner app Uber Driver. The calculation is complete through our expert.

Geo-location is the leading prime feature to examine when solving the question of how to develop an app like Uber. In general, GPS technology is using to identify someone’s position. Though services related to Uber allow them to follow the location of the car driver received the ride.

Uber’s slogan ‘Get a ride at the tap of a button’ indicates it’s more than simple and appealing to user administration, but it covers complex processes and architecture behind the scene. In order to know the distance and run the routes, the routing server is expected. So from the moment customers launch the app until they get dropped off, Uber’s routing engines work solid.

Routing and matching mechanisms are a big portion of Uber’s core functionality that guarantees a flawless service. So it would be an error not to mention these two features when figuring out the Uber app development cost.

Let’s discuss a little about the technical side of this point.

1) Geo-location & Routing

When you are pinning the point for booking the car, the map immediately catches your location-it’s called Google map. Suppose you are tracking your booking car location and track its location-its works through Google map. The driver can track your booking location through GPS-it’s called Google map. Routes and direction features, which are followed by the android app powered by Google Maps since it’s easy and famous. With the Maps SDK for Android, you can add maps based on Google Maps data to your application. The API automatically manages a way to Google Maps servers, data downloading, map display, and response to map displays. You can also use API calls to add markers, polygons, and overlays to a basic map and to change the user’s view of a special map area. These objects provide additional information for map locations and allow user intercommunication with the map.








2) Payment

It’s another and most important feature when you come forward to make an app like uber on your owns strategy. Modern technology has played a logical role because of concern regarding both parties, and it’s beneficial to drivers and passengers. The calculator of estimate fair of the trip provided by uber so view and get the right fair calculation at the right time. Uber fare rates depend on the service when you order (Uber X, BLACK, SUV, And LUX) and on the city, you are at. To calculate the fare for a ride, Uber uses four main pillows:
  • Seat fare
  • Cost per distance
  • Cost per minute
  • Secure rides fee
Let us check the cashless option in the path of making an app like uber. While you integrate a payment system in your app making process like uber for customer safety, it is automatically one types of trustable behalf walk of the company for passenger. If your company can face the struggle regarding store and Process credit card data, then you need to fulfill all requirements, which are known as PCI compliance. Once you complete the certificate of PCI compliance, then you are eligible to set up a cashless option in your system. Another path is to fulfill PPC compliance through a different option like Stripe & Braintree. If you need a gateway like a uber app, you can walk forward with the below criteria, > Payment gateway should create specifically for the mobile device since many providers use an individual web view approach. >The service looks easy to use and run quickly and professionally. These requirements are met by the PayPal group, especially by Braintree payment gateway provider. So a system of uber uses Braintree for processing their credit card and other transaction. The uber app also uses the platform to scan card numbers by using a camera. The important point is here to store data of user credit account numbers with history.

Approximate cost calculation of payment configuration below:-






3} Registration & Profile

Registration and profile are essential features while creating an app like Uber. There are two reasons behind that, you can keep track of your user data, and the user can get full-fledged service. We must use mobile payment while making an app like uber.

If you are going forward to create an app like uber, you may interrogate social media (email) in your app so the user can quickly make them account by using the mobile number. An app like uber also follows this easy part favored of its valuable users.

We should make the registration process a short base include a photo, name, and car license number, as for the profile base.

Moreover, it’s a good plan to add a review and rating, which is a little step from client-oriented by letting the user know if the driver has a low rate and vice-versa. Also, we can identify it’s in the advance base before company status keeps down by negative review through users.

The estimated cost to create Registration and Ratings feature for an app like Uber:-







4) Communication & Notifications

Communication and notification are the primary roots, which we should consider regarding that while making an app like uber. It is possible to make it more convenient, though, without having to communicate in ridesharing apps. Uber users can call or text their drivers without leaving the app.

Ignoring the fact that communication in the ridesharing app, which goes without saying, it can be possible to make it more convenient. Users can make calls and text without facing any excuse.

Communication with the customer is the requirement to keep them informed. Different paths include SMS, Mail, and push notification, which awake users about events like booking confirmation and car arrival.

Below tools will become more useful to create an app with a flexible notification:

  • Apple Push Notification Service (APN) when you create an app like uber for Apple devices.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) when you are continuing to make the app for Android-powered devices.

SMS notifications require an extra step to be combined into the app. You have to reach the telecommunication assistance provider to allow you such a chance. For example, Uber favors working with Twilio, but there are also choices like PlivoNexmo.

5) Ride Cost Calculation

We should integrate ride cost calculation in-app because users have a chance to see approximate fare before booking. When you are going to create an app like uber, your software developer must build an algorithm evaluating the price bases, which include pick-up and drop place.

If you want to follow the uber business model and provide the customer with various types of cars they choose from, then you should consider their multiple fares for each.

The estimated cost to make the ride cost calculation feature for an app like Uber:-





6) Schedule a Ride for Other People

Scheduling ride for others, which is the same as we discuss the ride schedule. Every user scheduling rides for others, which is the best feature that has been provided by uber. It includes users who can schedule a ride from their account on behalf of relatives and friends.



7) Divide a Fare

Dividing fair by more than one user in the same ride is the best option and most useful feature while making an app like uber.

Estimate calculation regarding dividing a fare while making an app like Uber:-



8) UI/UX Design

Frequently, the cost of app development depends on the work requirement of the work project. Ridesharing service is a customer base, so they will come with beautiful and easy to use type UI/UX. Uber’s type of app development project included design expenses.

After thinking and searching and visualize lots of things, as per my knowledge, follow the simplicity and clarity in the design portion while creating an app like uber, which will keep your space on the safe side and make it different.

Approximate cost to create UI/UX design for an app like Uber:-

IOS UI/UX DESIGN127h$6,350


The scheduled ride in advance is the best features which have been provided by uber a few years ago and it still using. It allows the customer to book a ride on an advance basis (before 15 minutes to 30 days) and plan their ride enjoy with safety.

Relatively cost to create a feature of schedule ride in advance basis:-



Let’s we will discuss how to create an app like uber for drivers: require a feature

First of all, we fix it in our mind that the driver is a partner of our business. It’s an essential part which we follow while making an app like uber. In this path, I will discuss only those features related to drivers and at the same for business.

1) Driver Report

Driver feature which, we should create to secure safety for both includes driver and passenger. This feature briefly described the behavior of the driver. (Ex: – week or month). If the driver makes mistakes and is continuing, Uber has the right to ban them because of breaking the rules.

Estimate cost to build the feature of the driver app:-



2) Advanced Route Building

If you are going forward to make an app on a growth basis, you should do to make more thinking regarding the route. Your driver will become more efficient if your app has an efficient way. For that, your customer satisfaction tends to be an increase because of good service.

Relative cost to create the route building feature for the driver’s app:-


3) Driver Destinations

The driver destination feature which, increases the overall experience for the driver who partners with the company and, you must think about them before starting to make the app like uber. The drivers seek the location and pick the passenger and reach out to passengers to their destination where they want to travel. This way, the driver can keep more concentrate and feel himself like an owner.

Estimate calculation for building and driver destination app for drivers:-



4) Free Cancellation on a quickly base

This type of feature, we should make because of saving driver time and money. Sometimes users can delay or cancel the ride after reaching the car at the arrival place. We should make some rules which will be broken by the users, then users should be obliged to pay additional fees which same as the rent basis.

What are the rules? We should take two minutes after the car reached the user’s location but, if users delay car more than two minutes, then they are obliged to pay delay charges.

Rough cost to build the cancellation feature for the driver’s app:-



5) Heat Maps

The heat maps are an essential feature that highly simplifies driver work. By using it, drivers can see a highly demanded place for their service, select those business places, and make more earnings for themselves and the company.

It is pretty hard to predict the cost of heat maps features because it depends on multifactor when we make



Which Factors Influence the Uber App Development Cost?

There’re several more things that should be taken into account to build your Uber-like app. usually, beginning relations with our clients, we demand to know their vision on key issues. Special from the overall idea of the app predicted budget, terms, and terms, we would like our customers to provide us with their company goals to ensure their success.

So let’s see what circumstances can affect the price before going to the final cost of building an app like Uber.


Another essential factor is the business type. Do you own an approved taxi service or want to begin a start-up company? In the first case, you may want a mobile application that’s developed with your company processes in mind.
Meantime, the creation of a start-up company involves building the app alongside the company itself, which gives some versatility but, typically, a tight budget.

Each type may need a different level of investment.

Your Company Type

Another essential factor is the business type. Do you own an approved taxi service or want to begin a start-up company? In the first case, you may want a mobile application that’s developed with your company processes in mind.
Meantime, the creation of a start-up company involves building the app alongside the company itself, which gives some versatility but, typically, a tight budget.

Each type may need a different level of investment.

App Platform

Which platform to choose? That is an age-old issue for many administrators. However, the answer to it is easy, if you want your app model expanded and wants to make more users in a short time — Choose both Android and IOS.

If your budget is fixed, which is not an uncommon case, and then you may develop an MVP based on either platform, depending on your target audience and their choices.

For example, Uber was launched on IOS first because iPhones were extremely popular in those times, having about 80% of the market share (on the US market).

App PlatformApp Platform

The advantages and disadvantages of native and hybrid app development approaches you should know about

If you are a non-technical business-man, it’s a good concept to discuss with a qualified mobile app development service provider before making a final determination on your Uber-like app development strategy.

The Final Cost to Generate an App like Uber

Using into account all the factors mentioned in the article, the cost to develop an app like Uber may range from $55,000 and $111,000 for one or two user apps (IOS and Android) respectively basis. Moreover, remember the price of admin panel development, which may begin at $14,000.

The estimated cost to build an app like Uber:-

Location-Based Features43h$2,150
Payment Integration85h$4,250
Profile And Registration54h$2,700
Notification Function61h$3,050
Ride Cost Estimation41h$2,050
Book A Ride For Others238h$11,900
Devide A Fare107h$5,350
Ui/Ux Design For Android/Ios112h/ 127h$5,600/ $6,350
Ride Scheduling In Advance106h $5,300
Framework And Libraries Integration For Back-End139h$6,950
Framework And Libraries Integration For Android/Ios129h/ 124h$6,450/ $6,200
Total Creating Charges For Single App (Android Or Ios)>1,115h>$55,750
Total Creating Charges For Two Apps (Android And Ios)>2,230h


The calculation of the driver app development cost is a little more difficult job. That is because I have only discussed the points that can bring value to your ridesharing business and did not consider any basic functionality as it can vary significantly depending on your aims and company standard. However, you can count for 280 hours of development and also.


Ultimately, the cost to develop the Uber app should include expenses on admin panel work since it’s a must for every application.

The estimated cost to make an admin panel:-



Admin Management50h$2,500
Driver Managenent48h$2,400
User Management53h$2,650
Payment Management37h$1,850
Promotion Management39h$1,950
Review Management28h$1,400
Issue Management22h$1,100


Tech Stack and Team

Our investigators have examined the functionality provided and come up with an estimated set of technologies to use for a similar kind of project as well as team members needed to deliver to the client on time with excellent work.

  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX designer
  • Android / IOS engineer
  • QA engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Back-end developer
  • Technology stacks for the Uber-like app:
  • Swift for iOS app
  • Kotlin for Android app
  • Node.js for back-end
  • Twilio
  • Amazon S3
  • PayPal / Stripe
  • Amazon EC2
  • Elastic email
  • Google Places
  • Google maps
  • Google Directions
  • APNS
  • Firebase
  • Face book SDK

The above description of technologies is estimated and may differ depending on your business purposes, app features, stages, etc.

At Final shape

Let us we will summarise the journey, which we have done discussion in this blog above, and If you want to make a single feature app that creates like uber, you should invest around $55000 at a 50$ rate per hour (approximate amount). Mostly as per my thinking, the app developing process depends on your requirement and feature, which you want to make for your valuable clients.

Generally, we fix the right cost when you shared your personal preference and practical experience with our expert. So don’t be hesitating while sharing your question, which emerged in your mind regarding making an app like uber. Please contact us if you share your idea regarding business-related because we are here to help you.

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