Live Streaming App: A New Way of Getting in Touch With a Huge Mass

Live Streaming App: A New Way of Getting in Touch With a Huge Mass

What is Live Streaming?

Do you want to interact with your audience live, as well as record the interaction, and also broadcast it on social media altogether? Well, this is possible with Live Streaming.

Live streaming applications have been growing rapidly since the pandemic’s eruption as there were bans levied on public gatherings, and hence campaigns, promotions, seminars, interactions, etc. all went online. Well, to view the interactions, all you would need is just a URL through which you can join the streaming, view it, and end it once your work is done, without the need to download the video.

Note that streaming and live streaming are entirely different things. Video-on-demand platforms, vlogs, etc. can be called streaming videos, but as they are not broadcast live, they cannot be classified as live streamed videos. YouTube, the most utilized applications to view videos, can be categorized as a platform for both the categories: video on demand app as well as a live streaming app platform.

1. Live Broadcasting Streaming App

These streaming media applications are prevalent in the market and allow users to live and interact with people. Live broadcasting apps are very engaging, like watching videos in real-time. These applications record and stream videos simultaneously. These applications are everyone’s favorite and some people also answer questions online. The most popular applications in this niche are YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Livestream, and many more.

2. Audio streaming App

These applications are still very profitable today, and an example is a music-streaming application. On such a platform, users can listen to audio, whether it is songs, poetry, or books. Everything is simple and interesting, it also covers the broader market. Spotify, Gaana, Pandora are the most popular music streaming applications.

3. Video On Demand Streaming App (VOD)

Don’t you want to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows? These applications fulfill this desire of the users by providing streaming of TV series and movies. And! The best thing is that you do not have to download the movie from the TV show. Touching the screen is like a magic wand; you can interrupt it, restart it while streaming. All in all, you do not have to stick to the TV system. You can watch them anytime, anywhere. It is the most profitable investment in streaming applications. The most popular examples of this VOD are Netflix, Vivo, Hulu, Amazon Prime.

4. Live TV Streaming App

This type of streaming application is perfect for those who cannot cut the cable so easily, but these huge TVs are full of paying the bills. Full TV subscription is more expensive than streaming services. Video streaming applications can thus make the task easier. Live TV services allow you to watch TV shows that are currently live. Periscope, Twitch and YouTube Live are the most popular examples of the Live TV Streaming App.

How can you Implement Live Streaming?

If you wish to spread your message to a vast mass, live streaming app development is the best option, as it not only enables live interaction but also saves it for future references, as discussed above. But how can I broadcast my message through live streaming?

It’s quite simple! Just follow the aforementioned steps, and you are ready to stream live!

Recognition of the right platform to stream your video message.

With a platform like Facebook, which comes with a feature of Facebook Live, you can easily share your message amongst the people in your friend list. Other platforms such as Instagram Live, YouTube, Periscope, etc. can also be used.

Recently utilized applications like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. to enable live streaming, and most educational institutions are using these platforms to conduct live lectures.

Prepare what to broadcast

Prepared with the script for the content to broadcast. Make sure you do not include any objectionable content to avoid issues concerning the streaming platform’s rules and regulations. Also, as you would be interacting with a live audience, make sure you are well prepared and have rehearsed the content as there are no possibilities for retakes.

For keeping your audience engaged, keep in mind the following points:

  1. Objectives of your live streaming program
  2. Gigs to be introduced in the mid-session so that the audience does not get bored.

Release a trailer or a teaser for your live stream program.

Promote the schedule among your connections on social media to engage as many people as possible.

Pros of Live Streaming:

Camera, microphone, tripod stand to place the camera, laptop to mention any content like a PowerPoint presentation, high-speed internet, and all other required hardware like connecting cables, etc. need to be set up prior to going live to avoid the last-minute hustle. To sum up, plan your live stream session effectively to avoid the hustle and engage your audience so that they remain connected until the end of the session and do not get disconnected in the mid session.

When to Move to the Next Platform?

Let’s discuss what the advantages and disadvantages of live streaming are.


It is easy.
As compared to pre-shot videos, it has no retakes so that you can shoot it in less time. Also, the editing of the video need not be done as the streaming will be automatically recorded.

You can reach a broader audience.
Hundreds, or sometimes thousands of people join the streaming if proper campaigning and promotions are carried out.

A vast repository of content available online.
As we discussed earlier, live streaming can be recorded and saved for future reference. Hence, anybody can have access to this repository whenever they wish to.

More number of platforms developed for live streaming.
Various platforms that enable live streaming of content are available, like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc., as discussed earlier.

You can easily engage your audience.
Most of the time, when viewing a video, people get bored quickly and leave the video within 2 to 5 minutes. But in the case of live streaming, if you introduce gigs and entertaining content, the audience does not get bored and stays online until the end of the session.


Cons of Live Streaming:

  • It may impact the presence of a real-time audience.   :  Suppose the streaming requires any sort of payment terms to attend. In that case, it may impact a remarkable number of audiences as the people cannot be easily convinced to pay for online live content than the content that is being delivered face to face.
  • It requires high-speed internet.    :   You cannot stream live through an average internet speed. Also, it consumes more bandwidth as compared to the bandwidth used while uploading a pre-recorded video.
  • Lagging of audio and video.    :   The video can run forward during the live stream due to fluctuations in the internet speed, but the audio starts lagging or vice versa. This creates an unpleasant atmosphere among the audience.

List of Platforms Enabling Live Streaming:

Various platforms that will allow live streaming facilities are Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Vimeo, Twitch, Periscope, Panopto, Dacast, IBM enterprise video streaming, StreamGo, GlobalMeet,, etc.

Who should use this facility?

Nowadays, live streaming has been mainly used in educational institutions by the faculties to conduct online lectures.

Various promotions of digital courses, affiliate marketing, seminars, etc. are being conducted through live streaming. Motivational Speakers, entrepreneurs, marketing people, etc. can make the best use of this facility to reach their target audiences.

Build your own Live Streaming App:

Live streaming platforms, just like any other social media application, can be easily made using platforms like Android and iOS for mobile applications and various frameworks for web applications. Just contact an efficient developer, mention your requirements regarding the app, and get your live streaming application within a given period! Hire the best video streaming application development company and get more out of your on-demand video streaming app.


By this, we can say that the live stream is a new version of public gathering in digital mode and has a lot of advantages compared to the pre-recorded video streaming, as mentioned above. To discuss a video streaming mobile app development project, you can write to us at We at TechiePixel have been serving the IT industry for more than a decade. We can help you launch your dream business app straightaway. Take advantage of our award-winning Video Streaming App Development Services.

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