Android vs iOS: Which Should You Build Your Business App for First?

Android vs iOS: Which Should You Build Your Business App for First?

Mobile applications are taking over the world, but the battle to choose the right platform between iOS and Android is still active. However, many companies are seeking a cross-platform application development framework to target both iOS and Android. Android Vs iOS has always been the biggest competitor when it comes to mobile app development.

Due to the several advantages of Android app developmentAndroid apps are dominating the smartphone market share worldwide. As per Statistasmartphones running the Android OS will hold over 87% global market share by 2023, while the share of iOS will only be 13%. However, iOS is still in high demand among those that consider security and reliability of the utmost importance.

Due to the many advantages of Android application development, Android applications dominate the market share of smartphones worldwide. However, iOS is still in high demand among those who consider security and reliability of extreme importance.

Let’s take a look at some facts and figures related to iOS vs. Android, which can help you choose one of two operating systems:

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1. Market Share

According to recent data, smartphones running the Android operating system accounted for 74% of the global smartphone market in June 2020, with Apple holding over 25%. Android has been the market leader for many years because more brands and manufacturers use it than iOS. With the overwhelming number of Android devices being ten times larger than Apple devices, the number of android users is more inclined than iOS application development by default.

Furthermore, these differences in market share make Android a better alternative to iOS for the startup. In this way, you can hire Android app developers in India and develop the app of your choice.

2. Location

[Image source: Digitaltrends]

The audience for Android and iOS mobile app services can be divided into two. The market share of Android application development comes from developing countries and low-income regions. In comparison, iOS app development shares show that most of its users have a higher level of participation and are more willing to pay for in-app and in-app purchases.


So choose your operating system based on the targeted audience. Hire Android app developers if you want to build feature-enabled mobile app services for developing countries. If you’re going to work on iPhone app services, you can hire iOS app developers, focusing on the audience, hoping to purchase an app or apps in your app. Many offshore Android and iOS app development companies will be happy to offer you services.

3. Development Period and Cost

Android app development companies claim that its prices may be higher than iOS app development services because the Android operating system empowers multiple devices with different screen sizes, which ultimately increases costs and development time.

On the other hand, iPhone app development companies are required to work with limited devices on iOS. However, the ultimate cost of iOS and Android application development services depends on the number of features and its complexity.

4. Mobile App Revenue

IOS app development companies are believed to deliver more revenue than Android app development agencies because Apple users are prepared to pay twice as much as Android users for an app or certain features of an app. Android application development services have a wider audience in general, while iOS application services include more engaged users.

If earning income is your main goal and reaching the public is another. In this match between iOS and Android, you can try iOS. A better option would be to monetize your mobile apps without ads and with in-app purchases through subscriptions, freemium templates, or iOS app development companies.

5. Features

What features do you want in your app and, as a resultant, the people you look ahead for.

Market research states, compared to Android app users, iOS app users are 15% more likely to visit the e-commerce store.  It has been observed that 23% of Apple users prefer to buy phones compared to 17% for Android.

So if you’re planning a retail app on iOS or Android, try one for Apple; Numbers indicate that they are ahead of Android.

6. Tablet Friendly

If your mobile application development strategy is also focused on using the tablet, you need to hire an iOS app developer. This is because the iPad dominates the tablet industry for application development services. It is very common to find a person who uses an Android mobile device but an iPad instead of an Android tablet.

When do I select the iOS app first?

  • The cost of development is a determining factor
  • The requirement of the market is high
  • If your revenue model is determined by paid app download
  • If you want your developers to focus on building apps for the latest version of the platform and not on optimizing the app for earlier versions

When do I select the Android app first?

When do I select the Android app first?

  • The targeted audience is concentrated in developing countries
  • The cost is not an issue for testing
  • If you believe that now approval time and strict guidelines can kill your product idea
  • Suppose your revenue model is determined by the ads shown to users of the app

When to Start On Both Platforms?

  • The possibility of starting on both platforms is an idea for companies that have more resources and are well established.
  • At the same time, we regularly need to interact with large companies or global brands, whether it makes sense to start a particular platform.
  • Even when your pocket is deep, unless an app is completely simple, you need to go through a series of iterations before it becomes the right experience for your audience.

When to Move to the Next Platform?

  • After you complete the original application experience, we recommend that you take it to the next platform.
  • For example, Instagram was purchased for $1 billion and announced Instagram on Android only about a week ago. What this indicates is the second reason to consider moving to another platform: development.
  • If you have values ​​or market data indicating that you have reached critical mass on one platform, then targeting the next platform audience will immediately increase the overall size of the user base.

Android Vs iOS: Who Won the Battle?

Android Vs iOS, What is the best platform for building applications? By the way, there is no clear winner in Android vs iOS. The answer to this question depends on many factors that we have discussed here in the blog.

If we consider some factors, iOS sounds better than Android and vice versa. For example, if you want to make an app for the American public, iOS is a better option. Similarly, if you’re going to create an app for a global audience, Android is a better option.

However, the common thing in two is that both processes will take a long time, it will cost you a huge amount of money. But you have to make the final choice after carefully analyzing all the factors. After that, you can hire an app developer according to your needs.

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